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“Hold fast to dreams,

For if dreams die

Life is a broken-winged bird,

That cannot fly.”


―Langston Hughes

Paris, September 17, 2021,

Finally, it's the release day of Dare That Dream, a spiritual journey that we concocted  during confinement.

Production - Art District Music

Artistic Direction - Elie Martin-Charrière


Voice - Estelle Perrault

Trumpet - Hermon Mehari

Piano - Carl-Henri Morisset

Double bass - Clément Daldosso

Drums - Elie Martin-Charrière


Special thanks : 


My gratitude is endless for these musicians who have surrounded and encouraged me along this journey. I thank each of these musicians for the wings they gave me: Clément Daldosso, Hermon Mehari, their benevolence carried me and gave me so much strength. Elie Martin-Charrière, a musician of such rare sensitivity, without whom I would not have found the courage to complete this record, without the affection and support he gave me. I thank Carl Henri Morisset for his accompaniment both in music and in our many collaborations.

I thank Arthur Gouret and Lois for their patience and dedication in working on this album.

I particularly wish to thank Julie Chaizemartin and Didier Dippe who founded Art District Media, for having accompanied me in the creation of this album, I am grateful to them for this turning point in my life, and my gratitude is deep, for having believed in me. 

Then to my loved ones, my sister Viviane, my friends who have been there to support me in this obstacle course. I thank Kevin Cohen Sign The Agency for the several visual collaborations.

I would also like to thank the musicians who have not played on this album: David Paycha and Alain Jean-Marie whom I've also learned from.


It's a universal spiritual journey but also a personal story that I want to share in this music. We talk about nostalgia, this happiness of yesteryear - Yesterdays - that we relive today in a heavy sigh, a happy but painful memory. It's a drunkenness and a heartbreak - Gone By Days -. We take pleasure in this sweet sadness of memories of yesteryear. That's what makes it such a rich and vivid feeling - Child Time .

Then we introduce a note of hope with this cover of Michel Legrand's “ You Must Believe In Spring ”, whose lyrics were written by Alan and Marilyn Bergman. This piece invites us to believe in love and renewal - Flower Blossom - because all it takes is a dream, a dream - So Nice - and a glimmer of light to make our way to freedom - Dare that dream ._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

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